About Eventurer

Welcome to Eventurer.no – a Norwegian travel website and blog which goal is to inspire people to travel more and better through personal travel stories, tips and guides.

Eventurer is a wordplay put together by Eventyr, Eventyrer and Turer, which can be translated into Adventure, Adventurer and Trips. A really creative translation of this website’s name into English would be Adventrips (or something).

This site was launched March 1 2016 and has been growing organically since.

Eventurer’s goal is to inspire people to see the world, to see what’s outside of the safe, comfortable bubble we live in here in Norway. The goal is also to inspire people to see more than the traditional destinations advertised through the charter travel agencies.

The world has so much to offer. So many interesting people, places, stories, food and nature – and everyone deserves to experience it.

Here on Eventurer.no you can find the following:

  • Travel blog: Stories written with a personal tone of voice, I like to use a bit of humour in my texts
  • Travel guides: Based on my own personal experiences, I can’t recommend or not recommend something I have not tried myself, right?
  • Travel tips: Smart tips about planning your travel, packing etc
  • Pictures: A lot of pictures, 99% of them taken by myself

And a lot more is in the planning phase.

Do you want to contact me, maybe even work with me? Please use the contact form under.

Best regards,

Anders Hakstun
Founder, writer, photographer and janitor for Eventurer.no

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